/ SSDT Scottish 6 days trial & Van Green

SSDT exclusive collection, a tribute to the oldest, most exclusive and demanding trial sporting event in the world. SSDT IMMORTALS is our way of paying tribute to those mythical locations in the highlands through which more than 100 years of history have passed, 2 World Wars and trial riders from all over the world who come year after year to this unmissable epic event. Get your SSDT shirt and immortalize the legend.

SSDT Collection

Van Green was born from our passion for motorcycles and from an unresolved need. 30 years later, we continue innovating to manufacture the best trial equipment.

/ ignasi ysac CEO Van Green

“Following a different path from others is not getting lost, it is drawing your own path. The important thing is to know why you do it.”

What do we do?

Our raison d’être

The trial is heart, head and courage. It’s following your instinct. It is falling and getting up without giving up. It is throwing yourself into the void with the certainty that you will do it.

More than 33 years of history

Joan Pons, 1996



1. We are born of a passion.

The passion for motorcycles is our engine. That’s where our illusion starts…

2. We innovate.

We arose from an unresolved need and our evolution is based …

3. We like risk.

If we believe something can be done better, we do it. Experiment forms…

4. Faithful to our origins.

Van Green was born in a time when everything was left to be done. The times…