Trial golden age

Van Green was born in 1989 from the concern of his creator, Ignasi Ysac, a great fan of trial, to find the equipment he needed, according to his own standards of quality, resistance and design. Not finding anything on the market in the 1980s that met his expectations, he decided to make his own equipments.


The result was so successful that the leading world brands of the ’90s (Beta, Fantic Motor, Aprilia and Montesa Honda) ended up entrusting it with the production of all their equipments. Over the years, Van Green’s offer has also been extended to other categories such as Moto-Cross, Enduro or Trail…


The promotion policy was based from the beginning on promoting the equipments among the youngest riders, such as Dani Pedrosa (mini-bikes), Laia Sanz (Trial-Zone Zero), Adam Raga (Trial-Zone Zero), Edgar Torronteres (Motocross -KM2), Dani del Valle, Joan Pons, Pep Ribera (Trialsin World Champion), etc.

Joan Pons, 1996

Gabino Renales, 2022

The change of era

In 1995 the Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest (PEIN) and the motorized access to the Natural Environment was applied, which was a major setback for the trial world. At this time, Van Green redirects his business and manufacture technical equipment and golf shoes at an international level, replicating his growth model through the promotion of already established golfers such as Txomin Hospital or Francisco Cea, as well as all the young promises of the Spanish Golf Federation and territorial Federations.


Its ability to adapt to this new market, its revolutionary designs and the application of technological improvements, such as the incorporation of Gore-tex membranes or crocodile or snake skin, placed Van Green in third position in market share for sports golf shoes in Spain at the end of the ’90s, leaving behind Nike or Reebok.